Steps for making a rajputi poshak

1. Choice of right cloth

Making of “Rajputi Poshak” starts with the selection of right cloth,selection of right fabric is the key to making a magnificent dress.Customarily, the dress is fabricated from pure “THAKUR JI” georgettefor Odni & different types of satin or crepe for lehnga, kurti & kanchli. The choice of fabric is highly dependent on the occasion, style and budget requirements of the buyer.

poshak fabric


2. Dyeing of fabric

Next important step is colouring, this step involves transformation of a simple grey/white cloth into a Rajput legacy. Various colours like red, blue, green and orange etc. are embellished on the fabric. The highly contrasting colours used on the “Rajputi Poshak” defy the colour of the desert and brings balance to life.

cloth dyeing


3. Karigari

Once the fabric and colour part of the process is complete, the “Rajputi Poshak” undergoes the next part which requires amazing artistry. No “Rajputi Poshak” is complete without the intricate patterns and elegant designs made my artistic hands that spell magic; all the polishing and embroidery work transforms the cloth into a unique “Rajputi Poshak”.

silverposhak handwork